6 Reasons Why You Must Attend Our Catwalk Modelling Training Workshops

As part of the events leading up to the launch of Des O’Connor Shoes, the only detachable shoe in the world that improves women’s professional and personal lives, we are hosting a Catwalk Modelling Audition! We are trying to find talented models to serve as the face/foot of the Des O’Connor’s line.

To help train and select our models for the audition process, we are offering Catwalk Modelling Training Workshops, presented by fashion experts. First-time models, aspiring models, or even experienced models are welcome to participate in our Catwalk Training Workshops.

Catwalk Training Workshops Will Be Offered Soon!

Des O'Connors Models

1. Get Professional Training

We are going to have a team of fashion experts who can offer their professional insights into how to be a better model. No one else is offering this opportunity to get professional training in how to move, pose, and present your personality on the catwalk.

2. Meet Fashion Experts

Have you ever wanted to work in the fashion industry? Meeting with our panel of fashion experts will give you the chance to learn more about the fashion world and potentially make some contacts to improve your career prospects.

3. Increase Your Chances of Winning

If you want to win the Des O’Connor Shoes modelling competition, it’s essential to attend the Catwalk Modelling Training Workshops. This is a great opportunity for you to meet judges, get some practice on the runway, improve your modelling skills, correct possible mistakes in your posture or style, and generally get better at the creative craft of modelling. Especially if you are a first-time model, you don’t want to miss your chance to develop your skills and receive professional feedback about your performance.

4. Gain Knowledge About Fashion

Many first-time models or aspiring models might not realise this, but being a model is a complex and difficult job! Professional models on the runway at fashion shows make it look easy, but the reality is different: modelling is a kind of performing art. Models need to understand the right way to pose, present themselves for the audience and the camera, and convey the right energy in service to the vision of the fashion line that they are wearing.

Attending our Catwalk Modelling Training Workshop will help you learn more about the behind the scenes world of fashion, and what it really takes to be an effective model.

Des O'Connors Models
Des O'Connors Models

5. Make New Friends

There are going to be many interesting, talented people at this event! What a great opportunity to expand your network and meet new friends – with your fellow models, our fashion experts, and other attendees. You might find your next great business opportunity or career contact at our Catwalk Modelling Training Workshop!

6. Have Fun!

Perhaps most of all: this is going to be massively FUN event. Everyone who attends is guaranteed to have a fantastic time, learn some new skills, gain some new insights into the fascinating world of fashion, and perhaps get connected with exciting new opportunities!

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Des O'Connors Models

Prior to the catwalk auditions, we will be hosting a catwalk workshop for any models who want to participate and get some instruction on how to walk on the runway, how to strike poses in the high heels, how to present themselves for visual impact, and more!

This catwalk workshop will be hosted by professional fashion experts who are part of our panel of judges. They know how to model and how to explain the detailed points of how each model can maximise their chance to make an impression.

Watch This Catwalk Expert Training Videos

How to Walk the Runway

How To | Walk Like a Model

How to Walk In Pointy High Heels

How to Walk In Heels by Runway Model

How to Walk on a Runway | Modelling

How To | Walk In Heels Like a Model


If you want to get the most out of your experience at the catwalk audition, be sure to participate in this workshop!

Des O'Connors Models

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