How would you like to promote your business as part of an inspiring, empowering business conference and fashion event with…

100 models on stage
200+ guests
Potential for over 100,000 live streams and social shares
And much more?

Des O'Connors Models

I am hosting a massive Women In Business event in London on June 6/7, 2020. As part of this two-day event, I am also hosting a fashion catwalk audition to find models for my new line of Des O’Connor Shoes – the world’s first detachable shoe that empowers women to improve their personal and professional lives.

This event is going to be promoted with massive support from 100 models competing to be part of this new fashion launch. As a sponsor of this event, you have the potential to receive amazing exposure and massive levels of added value for your brand.

These are just a few of the major benefits of sponsoring this upcoming Women In Business, Fashion Show and Catwalk Audition event…

  • Introduce your brand and products/services to 100 models on stage (we expect 100 contestants to be competing for the crown of the award).

  • Gain exposure with our audience of 200 guests (possibly more), all of whom are interested in the fashion industry and entrepreneurship (mainly women but men are welcome too).

  • Provide a presentation on stage which will also be recorded for further/future promotional broadcast.

  • Promote your products and services to all models and guests via email and SMS.

  • Provide your marketing materials and literature in the promo packs for all models and guests.

  • Promote your company also to the Women in Business conference (which takes place earlier in the day 8.30 – 6pm) on both Saturday 6 and Sunday 7 June 2020.

  • Get exposure for your brand via live streams; this event will also be live streamed globally (possibly 100,000 live streams and social shares).

  • Give free samples of your products or offer special deals to our audience on the day.

  • Be interviewed by Des O’Connor and have your interview shared to our massive network.

  • Promote your products and services to all our network on social media, email, and more!

Des O'Connors Models

If you have ever attended a Des O’Connor event, you know that there is a special energy in the room; we always have a packed-out event and this one is going to be particularly well-attended and exciting for the audience.

We love our sponsors, we have a variety of sponsorship packages and options, and we will make every possible effort to promote your brand, make sure everyone in the audience knows your name and receives your sales materials, and make sure we include you prominently on the day as part of our stage presentation schedule.

Won’t you come join us for this wonderful event? Please fill out this form today to sign up as a sponsor: