Would you like to speak on stage at the Des O’Connor Shoes catwalk event and fashion show? We have opportunities for you to speak on stage and exhibit at our event; share your products/services and build your brand with our enthusiastic audience of 100 models on stage and 200 passionate professionals who love fashion and entrepreneurship!

Thank you for showing interest in speaking/exhibiting at my upcoming fashion show and catwalk model audition event:


Please scroll down for more information about speaking at this event as there is a short form at the bottom of this page and as soon as you complete it, you will have access to my diary to schedule a conversation with me!

Des O'Connors Models

To learn more about me and how my events work, can you please have a look at these videos & links (preferably from your PC/laptop so the display will be optimal):


Please watch my promo video and details for all upcoming events in 2020 – we have several speaking opportunities in the UK and internationally and also packages to help improve your business:

Des O'Connors Models
Des O'Connors Models


Des O'Connors Models



Hear a testimonial from prominent coach Nicki Vee (from MasterCoach) on why speaking at my events is a great opportunity for your business:

Des O'Connors Models

Watch These Testimonials From Some of My Clients & Speakers:

Des O'Connors Models
Des O'Connors Models
Des O'Connors Models

This event is scheduled in London on the evening of Saturday 6th June 2020, and I would love to have you on board for this amazing opportunity! We expect around 100 models on stage and 200 guests to attend. This is the latest in a series of successful and well-attended live events that I have hosted, promoted and produced to help Women in Business to be successful (and men).

Our events are sure to be inspiring days and an ideal chance for your business to gain new clients, new sales leads, and expand your brand!

Des O'Connors Models

Are You Already Experienced as a Professional Speaker, or Will This Be Your First Time Speaking on Stage at Such a Large Event?

Are You Aware That We Also Have International Speaking Opportunities in 2020?

Also, I will help you to get paid speaking opportunities internationally

Wherever you are in your speaking career, I can help you! I have put more than 200 speakers on stage (70 speakers in the past year), some for the first time and some experienced speakers who wanted professional video showreels and promotional photos.

I know how to support you in having a fantastic professional speaking experience.

Read this happy testimonial from Sherine Lovegrove, a woman who spoke on stage for the first time at my recent event, “Become an Expert in 90 Days and Speak on Stage in the UK and Internationally”:

Des O'Connors Models

Why Should You Speak or Exhibit at My Amazing Events? Because:

  • It’s the best way to maximise your sales potential on the day of the event in front of the audience.

  • You receive extra marketing support and bonuses (depending on the package of your choice).

  • Get free professional photos of yourself in front of the audience, as well as a professionally edited video showreel from our videographer! This is an ideal way to show your speaking skills and get booked for future professional speaking opportunities. Mention showreel/pics etc and advantages etc

  • Exhibitors are first priority when I am deciding who to invite to speak at future events (in the UK and internationally) – I always try to create more opportunities for people who are the best supporters of my events.

Des O'Connors Models


Be a speaker, exhibitor and sponsor of Des O’Connor’s Events! Your business will benefit in numerous ways.

Speaker and Exhibitor Opportunities

  • Gain new high-quality sales leads: our audience of entrepreneurs, business owners and marketers are eager to hear your insights and expertise. Your new customers are waiting to hear from you!

  • Launch a new product or service: what better way to make a big announcement or support your new launch than at a well-attended Des O’Connor’s Women in Business conference?

  • Enhance your brand image: Des O’Connor is an award-winner and in-demand presenter – he can help strengthen your brand’s reputation and expand your audience!

  • Learn about your customers: talking with our audience during a live on-stage presentation or an in-person lunchtime workshop (available for certain sponsors) is an ideal opportunity to gain valuable business intelligence about what your customers need now and where your market is going. Sponsoring this event is a valuable opportunity to “listen” as well as to promote your business!

Des O'Connors Models
Des O'Connors Models

If you are still interested in speaking at my upcoming events, let me ask you some questions:

Des O'Connors Models

Pam Chand CEO of Grandeur & Love Matchmaking Company
Listen to her testimonial after her successful whole day launch event organised by Des O’Connor

  • How much do you spend on marketing?

    Do you invest hundreds (or thousands) of pounds on various marketing efforts such as Facebook Ads, PPC, SEO, online and offline advertising, telesales and more?

  • How is it working for you? Are you getting good ROI for your marketing investment?

    I believe the best investment in yourself and your business is to be guaranteed to meet new prospective customers face to face and connecting with a live audience! Sponsoring my events gives your business massive added value, such as professional photography and professional videography showreels that you can use to promote your business and to get paid professional speaking opportunities.

    Appearing at my events gives you a proven background of professional speaking – and promoting yourself as a recognised business expert and professional speaker will significantly increase your income and give you access to UK and international speaking opportunities.

Ready to invest in your success?

Your Investment

Several sponsorship packages are available to suit your goals, at the Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum levels:


£347(or Payment Plan)
  • Banner – we design your digital banner with your company details for us both to promote so the guests are fully aware what you are providing on the day
  • Include your literature and sales brochures in the handouts to delegates
  • Promoted on our website for all guests to see what you do
  • Speak on stage for 10 minutes
  • Professional Photography: Get several photos of yourself speaking on stage (taken by our professional photographer on the day) that you can use for your website, social media and other marketing efforts.
  • Exhibit for the whole day: put up your promotional roller banner and get a mains socket to plug in your laptop/visual display


£647(or Payment Plan)
  • You get: all components of Bronze package plus…
  • Speak on stage for 20 minutes
  • We will send a promotional text on the day to ALL attendees to encourage them to come to your stand/take up a special offer
  • Promotional video – recorded with our videographer on the day to use for future promotion
  • We will send a promotional email after the event to all guests as another reminder with your website and contact details
  • Video recording of your full presentation, professionally edited with your brand, use your professional show reel to get connected with UK and International speaking opportunities


£997(or Payment Plan)
  • You get: all components of Silver package plus…
  • Speak on stage for 30 minutes
  • Bonus: One Facebook Live interview (promoted to Des’s entire network)
  • Mentioned again on stage on the day by the host to reinforce your brand
  • Be part of a live competition on the day (raffle, etc.) to get more exposure


£1997(or Payment Plan)
  • You get: all components of Gold package plus…
  • 3 strategy/consultation sessions with Des O’Connor on how to improve your business, how to speak on stage, how to maximise your opportunities and be one of the first to speak internationally in 2019
  • Bonus: 2 Facebook Live interviews (promoted to Des’s network – double your reach and engagement!)
  • Bonus: Webinar course – “How to Use Webinars to Treble Your Business Income as You Sleep” (value of £497)
  • All recordings of Des O’Connor’s Women In Business events (learn from 60 top speakers) (value of HUNDREDS of pounds)

See What Des’s Happy Clients Say

Caroline Heward – Stress Xpress
Joyce Alexander – After attending Des’s Women in Business conference

Imagine delivering a presentation to a large audience for an investment of £597 and you receive 7 clients paying you an average of £500 each? That would be a profit of £2953!

Where Else Can You Make That Profit, As Well As Speak on Stage and Receive a Professional Edited Video of Your Speaking Skills?

Several of my speakers have made thousands of pounds from this exciting sales model and promotional opportunity

This is a proven model of marketing and selling on stage. I know how to put you in front your ideal target audience and help you maximise your success as a professional speaker!


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