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When is the Catwalk model competition and where does it take place?2021-08-22T11:39:34+01:00

The competition is on the evening of Saturday September 11th, 2021 on the first evening of Des O’Connor’s London Women in Business Conference.

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How much is it to apply for the competition?2020-05-16T17:10:50+01:00

It’s free! No cost to apply.

We just want all the contestants to participate in promoting the event to their networks/friends/family/social media followers.

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How many models do you expect to apply?2020-08-31T05:54:10+01:00

We expect at least 300 models to apply. 100 will qualify to attend the auditions and 10 finalists will be selected, and one winner chosen to be the face/foot of Des O’Connor Shoes on September 11, 2021.

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Is there an age limit to apply for the Catwalk model competition?2020-05-14T06:55:02+01:00

Models of age 18 and over are welcome to apply; anyone who is age 15 – 17 is welcome to apply if they obtain parents permission.

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What is the format of the event?2020-05-26T05:43:13+01:00

This will be a catwalk competition, where models are evaluated by our panel of expert judges on how well they present the shoes, how confidently they walk in high heels, overall visual style and impressions as a model. There will be multiple heats and 10 finalists selected for the Finals.

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I want to apply but I am not from the UK, can I still apply?2020-03-14T04:57:49+00:00

Models from outside the UK are welcome to apply; please note that you are required to have any relevant legal permissions to work in the UK (even though this is an unpaid/volunteer opportunity). Participation in this competition does not imply or constitute any offer of employment.

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Can only models apply?2020-04-25T06:33:49+01:00

Amateur models, aspiring models, first-time models or established professional models are all welcome to apply!

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Who is Des O’Connor?2020-03-12T04:43:37+00:00

Des O’Connor is the UK’s No.1 consultant for creating women business leaders, inspiring them to lead, and empowering them to speak on stage – he is also the creator of this new line of fashion shoes, Des O’Connor Shoes, which promise to be a revolutionary concept in fashion and personal/professional development for women. Learn more about Des here:

I am interested in speaking and a free ticket to attend Des O’Connor’s Women in Business Weekend conference!2020-08-31T05:53:22+01:00

Follow these links to get more information about attending the Women In Business conference for free:

Click here to speak at Des O’Connor’s Women in Business Conference on September 11
Click here to book your FREE ticket (worth £997) to attend Des O’Connor’s Women in Business Conference on September 11

So how does it work with your slogan – combining personal and professional development?2021-06-22T09:45:16+01:00

These shoes are like nothing else in the world: they combine stylish design with inspiring, empowering tips on professional and personal development. With these shoes, women anywhere in the world can connect with inspiring content and instructional materials to improve their personal and professional lives – on the move, at home, from the comfort of their mobile device.

When is the official shoe launch?2021-04-29T09:46:32+01:00

November 27 2021

Will there be an after party after the catwalk auditions on Saturday 11th September for professional networking?2021-06-23T04:34:11+01:00

Yes of course! So bring your business cards, best outfit and high heels and have an amazing time until around midnight.

What does the winner receive?2020-03-12T04:47:59+00:00

The winner will receive a comprehensive package of professional business consulting, strategic coaching, networking support, and thousands of pounds of free bonuses to help launch or expand their modelling career! (Total value: £10,000!) Our goal: help our winner become a go-to model with bigger opportunities to model throughout the UK and possibly international markets. We will also give the winner a selection of sponsors’ bonus gifts and prizes. More details can be found here.

Do the finalists win anything?2020-04-25T06:32:49+01:00

The 10 finalists will receive a selection of bonuses, a pair of our shoes, a trophy and picture with Des O’Connor. All 10 finalists will also be promoted to our global audience and featured on our finalists website.

What is the best way to win?2020-04-25T06:32:23+01:00

Modelling contestants will be judged on stage by our panel of fashion expert judges. We will also hold a voting competition in the weeks leading up to the event so that models can invite their friends/family/social media followers to vote for them; whoever gets the most votes will receive extra consideration in being selected as a finalist/possible winner.

(If you registered, you should have already received this information, if not please register from here)

Is the voting system the only way to win?2020-03-14T04:55:15+00:00

The voting system is one way to boost your prospects by showing that you care about this competition and that you are eager to help promote the event to your audience. Let’s work together to have a successful event! This is a life changing opportunity and a new or enhancement of your career.

Models will also be judged for their catwalk skills: how confidently you can walk in high heels, how much style and charisma you can convey on stage, how well you embody the image that we want for our fashion footwear.

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Do I need to upload 2 pictures of myself? What shall I upload?2020-03-14T04:55:38+00:00

Yes please, we need to see 2 photos of you. Please just wear regular stylish clothes (not lingerie), any business casual or clothes you would wear for a nice night out. We want to see your personality and enthusiasm for fashion.

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Is there a weight/height restriction?2020-01-19T04:50:52+00:00

No. We prefer a minimum height of 5 ft and no maximum height/weight. We are open to models of all body types and personal styles, whoever can be the right “face/foot” for our fashion line.

How do I become one of the judges?2020-02-05T06:30:28+00:00

We need fashion experts, especially if you have industry experience, to be part of our panel of judges. Click here if you are interested in being a judge.

How much are the tickets to attend?2020-02-05T06:31:13+00:00

Would you like to be the first to notified when our discounted tickets are available? More details on tickets are here:

Are you holding another fashion show this year?2021-06-22T09:46:23+01:00

The fashion show and catwalk audition will be held on September 11. The official shoe launch (featuring our winning model) will be held on November 27th 2021.

I don’t have any catwalk experience – can you help?2020-02-05T06:32:21+00:00

First-time models, aspiring models, amateur models, and fashion enthusiasts are welcome to participate! Even if you do not have catwalk experience, we will have fashion experts on hand to coach you at our catwalk workshops! Click here for more information!

Do I need to wear my own high heels?2020-03-14T04:55:50+00:00

Yes, you would be required to wear your own shoes (please bring at least 3 pairs for each heat) and we will be updating you on the next steps once you register. Please register from here.

What are the terms and conditions?2020-04-25T06:28:08+01:00

The terms and conditions are here

What is the Facebook group link?2020-03-12T05:01:18+00:00
How can I lose my place?2020-05-26T05:46:02+01:00

This is free to apply and therefore all models are required to collect votes, support this event by promoting this opportunity. Anyone who decides not to participate will be removed and replaced with someone else. (The best thing to do would be to use our guidelines on how to collect and attract as many votes as possible.

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