UK’s No.1 Consultant for Women Business Experts and Speakers and Creator of The only Company in the World to Have Created a Unique Combination of Beautiful Shoes and Inspirational Courses for Women to Stand Out & Step Ahead, Personally and Professionally, Following their Dreams

Des O'Connors Models

I create women business experts worldwide, inspire them to lead, and empower them to speak on stage.

I’m honoured to be an award-winning entrepreneur and industry-leading business coach, having received recognition such as:

  • 2013 Relationship Coach of the Year – Association for Professional Coaches, Trainers, and Consultants (APCTC)

  • Bestselling Author – contributing author to “Coach Wisdom”

  • Founder of Social Media Marketing Events

  • Founder of Women In Business Events

  • International Speaker; has spoken at business and professional conferences throughout the UK, Dubai and in the U.S. and other international markets

But the most important recognition to me is the fulfilment and meaning that comes from making a positive difference in my clients lives, and building a stronger community for all of us as entrepreneurs and business leaders.

More about me…

I have extensive experience as a coach, consultant, social media marketing expert, and entrepreneur. I am passionate about personal and professional development and helping people get more out of life; I believe in the power of education and personal development to inspire people to make transformations in their lives. I’ve seen it happen for so many people, again and again!

After several years of successful experience as a professional speaker, I realised that there was a problem in our industry. Too many speaker line-up sat industry events and conferences were all men. There were not very many women being featured to speak on stage. I knew that this was a massive problem. After all, I have worked with so many talented, amazing women who are entrepreneurs and experts and business leaders; why were there not more opportunities for women to speak on stage and be recognised as in-demand business experts?

That’s why I decided to start my Des O’Connor Women In Business (WIB) events. I launched my first Women In Business event in London in September 2017, with the goal of inspiring women to become business experts, build brands, deliver value to their clients, and sell their expertise to a global audience. In the years since, I have put more than 150 people on stage at my events (many of them women, many first-time speakers) and I have helped create a more expansive community for women in business (and men too).

I also provide business consulting for business experts, entrepreneurs, professional speakers, coaches, and companies that need help with social media marketing, digital marketing, webinar marketing, website development, online lead generation, and more.

My clients include:

  • Business Experts: Are you looking start a business for the first time, or build the brand of your existing business? Do you have expertise in a particular field that you’d like to learn how to make into a viable business model? I can work with you to launch your business and help you make money with your unique expertise.

  • Professional Speakers: I empower business experts to speak on stage at my packed-out live events! Whether you are a first-time speaker, or if you already are speaking on stage as part of your business marketing or business model, I can help you get better quality speaking opportunities – including international speaking opportunities.

  • Coaches and Corporate Trainers: I have extensive experience as a coach and professional/personal development expert. I work with some of the best coaches in the industry to help them get better clients, expand their audiences, build their brand, and get paid while they sleep with digital information products (CDs, MP3s, MP4 videos, webinars, etc.) that they can sell worldwide from their website.

  • Authors: Do you want to write a book as part of your business and brand? I can help connect you with publishing resources, book marketing, social media marketing to boost the audience for your book, and I also produce packed-out live Book Launch events for authors.

I don’t just put people on stage, I provide comprehensive marketing and brand strategy consulting to help my clients maximise their success on every level.

Digital Marketing and Sales Funnels: I help my clients turn their websites into sales machines. There are lots of web designers in the world and you can often get websites designed very cheaply, but unfortunately most web designers do not understand how to systemise your clients’ journeys. I help you create a focused website marketing strategy with built-in sales funnels and CRM (customer relationship management) tools, so that you can generate a conversation with your prospective clients, lead them to sign up for further communications and a deeper relationship, and even better, to inspire your clients to order your products and services.

High Quality Lead Generation and Networking: I advise and help my clients (with a variety of packages of services) on how to form their message, improve clarity of their brand and value proposition, and promote them to my extensive network of contacts to drive leads to them and take these new business leads on a journey to build relationships and increase rapport so that you can easily convert them into paying clients.

Des O’Connor Shoes: I am passionate about personal and professional development. My entire career has focused on helping people to learn, get inspired, get motivated, and get better at various aspects of their professional and personal lives. So that’s why I’m excited to launch my new line of shoes, Des O’Connor Shoes. These are the world’s first shoes that empower women to improve all aspects of their personal and professional lives.

After being involved in personal and professional development for my career, I feel that everyone in the world can benefit from these sorts of skills and inspirations. So why not provide this to all the women who purchase my shoes from all over the world where they can access personal and professional development tips and inspiration from some of the best experts from all over the world – on their mobile devices, on the move, while wearing gorgeous fashionable shoes? Watch for more details about Des O’Connor Shoes!

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Winner of the APCTC Relationship Coach of the Year Award 2013

Des O'Connors Models

One of My Women in Business Conferences Had Celebrity Special Guest Rachel Elnaugh

The First Woman to Appear on the BBC1 Dragons Den.

It was such a pleasure to speak at Des’s Women in Business event. Also, I have already manifested numerous paying clients as a result of speaking – plus many new speaking offers and JV opportunities – so it was financially rewarding, as well as being great fun!

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